Heikal Teaching:

Ahmed Heikal

UMD Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2009 - Present):

Chem 1173: General Chemistry I for Majors
Chem 1175: General Chemistry II for Majors
Chem 4634: Physical Chemistry for Biochemistry MajorsChem 
Chem 5624: Advanced Physical Chemistry I
Chem 5659 and Chem 4659: Fluorescence Methods in Life Sciences (or Biophotonics)
Chem 4185: Seniors Seminar II
Chem 1103 & 1104: Aspects of Chemistry (Lectures & Laboratory)
Chem 1155: General Chemistry II
HON 3398: The Science Daily ( University Honors Special Topics Course)
Chem 1174: General Chemistry I for Majors (Laboratory)

UMD Integrated Biosciences, IBS (Fall 2009 - Spring 2015):

IBS 5010: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
IBS 8203: Methods in Molecular Biosciences

UMN College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice & Pharmaceutical Sciences (Fall 2009 - Spring 2015):

Phar 6708: Drug Delivery I
Phar 6718: Drug Delivery II
Phar 6748: Biopharmaceutics

The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Bioengineering (2003 - 2009):

BioE 423: Biotransport II, Chemical Reaction Kinetics
BioE 100S: First-Year Seminar in Bioengineering
BioE 520: Advanced Biophotonics in Life Sciences
BioE 597C: Biophysics of Molecular Assemblies


  • Malachy Brink (MS Degree Candidate, UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry, Started Fall-2020; Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)
  • Rowan Simonet (MS Degree Candidate, UMD Chemistry & Biochemistry, Started May-2021; Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)
  • Sarah Mersch (MS Degree Candidate, UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry, Started Fall-2021; Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)


  • Cody Staydohar (UG Research, Biochemistry Major, Spring 2021; Co-Advisor: Dr. Sheets)
  • Sarah Bergman (UG Research, Biochemistry Major, Spring-2021; Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)
  • Austin Yang (UG Research, Biochemistry Major, Spring-2021, Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)

C. Alumni


University of Minnesota Duluth: 

  • Samantha Westlund (SURP-2021, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Co-Advisor: Dr. Sheets)
  • Cody Aplin (MS Degree Candidate, UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry, Started Fall-2018; Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)
  • Taryn Kay (MS Degree Candidate, UMD Physics and Astronomy, Started Fall-2018; Co-advisor: Erin Sheets)
  • Emmanuel Tetteh-Jada (SURP, Chemistry and BiochemistryCo-Advisor: Dr. Sheets).
  • Julie Beenken (SURP, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Fall 2018; Co-Advisor: Dr. Sheets)
  • Elsie Jonhson (SURP, UG Research, Biochemistry Major, Spring-2018)
  • Robert Miller (MS Degree, UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry, Graduated Summer-2019; Ph.D. Program at Cornell University; Co-Advisor: Dr. Erin Sheets)
  • Anh Cong (MS Degree, UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry, Graduated Summer 2019)
  • Swita Li (UG Research, Biochemistry Major, Fall 2017; Pharmacy School) 
  • Dien Nguyen (UG Research, Biochemistry Major, Fall 2018) 
  • Jordan Miller (UG Research, Physics and Biochemistry major, Fall 2018)
  • Hong Bok Lee (MS Degree, July 2018; Graduate Ph.D. Program at University Iowa) 
  • Ryan Leighton (UG Research, SURP, Reearch for Credits, Chemistry/Physics, Spring 2017; Ph.D. Program in Chemistry at UMN)
  • Shane Wilson (MS Degree Candidate in Chemistry, Graduated: August 2017)
  • Megan Currie (MS Degree Candidate in Chemistry, Graduated: May 2017)
  • Jacob Schwarz (MS Degree Candidate in Chemistry, Graduated: August 2017; Advisor: Dr. Erin D. Sheets)
  • Hannah Leopold (MS Degree Candidate in Chemistry, Graduated: August 2017; Advisor: Dr. Erin D. Sheets)
  • Deon Van Gorsel (UG Research, Volunteer, Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY,, Summer-2017)
  • Tylor Franklin (UG Research, BMB Major, UG Research, SP-2016)
  • Ntsang Anye (UG Research, McNair Scholar, SSC, Summer 2017)
  • Valentine Irungu (McNair Scholars Program, UW-Superior, SP-2016)
  • Brandon Scott (McNair Scholars Program, UW-Superior, SP-2016)
  • Brenden Berry (SURP, 2015)
  • Spencer Gardeen (MS Degree in Chemistry; August 2015, Co-advised by Dr. Joseph L. Johnson; PhD Candidate at Purdue)
  • Tyler Floden (BS degree in Chemistry, Undergraduate Research 2013-2015, Co-Advised by Dr. Erin Sheers)
  • John Alfveby (Graduated with MS degre in Chemistry 2014; Industrial/Business Appointment)
  • Chang Thao (McNair Scholar, Graduated 2014; UW-Milwaukee Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health)
  • Travis Fransen (Biochemistry Major, Spring 2013; Pharamcy)
  • Robb Welty (Graduated with MS degree in Chemistry 2013, Currently at Washington University, PhD Candidate at Washington University at St Louis)
  • Dhanushka Wickramasinghe (Graduated with MS degree in Chemistry 2012; Junior Scientist) Ph.D. Degree Awarded: August 18, 2021 (University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Chemistry, Advisor: Dr. Kwok-Fan Chow, Dissertation title: Electrochemical effects of depositing iridium oxide nanoparticles onto conductive flexible substrates)
  • Randi Timerman (SURP, UROP, Biochemistry Major, Graduated in 2014 and Applying for Medical School)
  • Jillian Bartusek (SURP, UROP, Biochemistry Major, Graduated in 2012, Northwestern Health University)
  • Monica Soto Velasquez (SURP, Currently at Purdue University, PhD Candidate at Purdue)
  • Bauer LeSavage (East High School; Volunteer, Summer 2011)
  • Brett Tuominen (Chem 3194: Fall 2010; UROP: Spring 2011, Pharmacy)
  • Peter Steltz (Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chem 3194: Spring 2010; SURP: 2010; UGRA: Spring 2011)


  • The Pennsylvania State University (Graduates):
  • Qianru Yu (Bioengineering, Ph.D., 2005 - 2009) 
  • Angel Davey (Chemistry, Ph.D., 2002 - 2008) 
  • Florly Ariola (Bioengineering, Ph.D., 2005 - 2008; incomplete) 
  • Andrew Lutes (Bioengineering, M.S., 2005 - 2008)
  • Dr. Yuexin Liu (Postdoctoral Associate, August 2005 - August 2006)
  • Deepti Mudaliar (Bioengineering, M.S., 2003 - 2005)
  • Ronn Walvick (Bioengineering, M.S., 2003 - 2005)


  • The Pennsylvania State University (Undergraduates):
  • Christine Cornejo (Schreyer Honors College, BIOE, fall 2007 – spring 2009) 
  • Joseph Porter (Juniata College, summer 2008) 
  • Ricardo Ayala (University of Puerto Rico, BBSI, summer 2007 & 2008)
  • Yasmine Noza (BBSI, summer 2006)
  • Chandandeep Kaur (UC Irvine, SROP, summer 2005)
  • Chieh-Hsin Kuan (BIOE, fall 2004, spring 2005 and summer 2005)
  • Hye-Ryong Kim (University of Rochester, NY, BBSI, summer 2004 and 2005) 
  • Wilnelia M. Rivera (University of Puerto Rico, SROP, summer 2004)
  • Andra Colbert (Virginia State University, McNair Scholar, summer 2004)
  • Vasuda Ramachandran (Electrical Engineering, Volunteer, summer 2004 - summer 2005)